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​域游誌 Game-In-Between



This group of images begins with the spider silk that divides the figure and the ground of forest scenery and ends with the cityscape that depicts the road and trees outside a city-center apartment's window. The images between the two scenes act as a kind of adhesive that tries to link the contexts of rural, suburban and downtown areas with their territorial continuity.

For Wei-Chen Li, image production is a game. As a player and observer, Li embraces all the variables that could affect the photos within the frame of the photographic system. While wandering in different spaces, he transforms the photograph groups or collections he has produced into eco systems of the images.

“平移——自然的語境”第六屆深圳國際攝影大展南山區平行展 2022, 海上世界文化藝術中心

Shot-2-Game in Between.jpg
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